Here at Authentic Auto Body, our mission is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair, along with the very best in customer service.


The most important aspect of our business is for the customer to have trust and confidence in both management as well as the quality of the service provided.


Authentic Auto Body will continuously strive to discover new ways to exceed the expectations of current and future customers.

Authentic Auto Body, formerly known as Holliston Auto Body, is a newly established auto body shop. The business was first founded in 1971 and since then has evolved into Authentic Auto Body, which is owned and operated by Steven Proia who brings over 15 years of experience in the auto body industry.


Steve Proia is the proud owner and founder of Authentic Auto Body & Collision LLC. Prior to establishing Authentic Auto Body, Steve started his auto body career at Minuteman Career and Technical High School located in Lexington. Since then, Steve has gained an extensive amount of experience at every angle of the trade from working on the floor as a technician and painter to then becoming an appraiser in the office and managing the techs on the floor. 


As Steve became more experienced and knowledgeable about the industry, he quickly came to realize that most body shop owners shared a commonality, which was that they placed a higher value and level of concern on dollar figures than they did on customer safety and quality repairs. Knowing what he did, this didn’t sit right with Steve and knew that someday he would break the chain of auto body shops not only using cheap parts and materials, but also cutting corners on safety items to save the insurance company money.

Today, Steve can proudly say that at Authentic Auto Body, the focus is and always will be first and foremost on the customer. Steve hopes to change the face of the auto body trade and create the type of experience where his customers are known by their name, not just another customer. 

 Steven and Gabrielle have three children, Vincent, Alessia and Arianna and love being part of the Holliston community. They looking forward to creating lifelong relationships throughout the Holliston area as well as surrounding towns in the many years to come.


Authentic Auto Body & Collision is truly a family owned business. Alongside Steve, you can find his fiancée Gabrielle in the office who is an enthusiastic and highly driven member of their business.

Prior to Authentic Auto Body, Gabrielle attended Merrimack College where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development in 2015 as well as a Master’s Degree in Management in 2016. Gabrielle has worked in a variety of industries that offered her a wide range of experiences and interactions. Through those experiences, she discovered her talent and passion is in customer service and business development.

Her role at the shop is comprised of many different areas related to the business. She assists Steve in the office dealing with the insurance company primarily when it comes to paperwork, rentals and payments relating to claims. She is also responsible for maintaining the day-to-day expenses and finances involved in the business as well as the Human Resources portion (ie. onboarding new employees, implementing policies and ensuring compliance, handling health dental and 401k benefits and lastly, event planning). She plays an instrumental role in assisting Steve with the business operations involved in this family owned shop.

Gabrielle is currently working towards becoming a licensed appraiser to gain further knowledge in the industry.


Here at Authentic Auto Body, our mission is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair, along with the very best in customer service.


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